Revising, reorganising, restarting in a more structured and conscious way in the steel faucet market stainless.   Many are the objectives that have characterized the process to reach the new 2020 catalogues of MINA. An important opportunity to look at our collections in a different light, complete them and collect energy and new ideas for …


The thin spout, the straight aerator, the continuous inclination of the lines. The tap almost extends to make the use more comfortable, particularly in built-in solutions. Like this Corsivo accompanies water towards the hands, in a complete collection where there is no lack of details on stainless steel processing, to underline the artisan vocation of the product and enhance its surfaces.


In the foreground we find grooves on the mixer and the Deep Grey Inox finish: the right combination between aesthetics and functionality for the new version dedicated to the kitchen.


An attractive design, easy and intuitive navigation, a fully responsive structure: this is, waiting to be discovered. It has been completely redesigned in the layout to offer an intuitive and interactive experience. The official Mina website is the company’s new business card for web communication. The objective, from the early stages of design, has been …


The Synth freestanding options create a feeling of euphoria in the house, whether they are for shower, bathtub or washbasin.


On the MINA#DESIGNTHINKING#3 we elaborate on the benefits of choosing a free-standing solution. Enjoy the reading!


The starting point is: water control through the tap control. It is a stainless steel cylinder enriched with incisions and grooves which allow to regulate movements.


Glass and stainless steel collide becoming matter which starts to take shape: a custom-made production meant to enrich space with vintage details of industrial taste, always keeping elegance and accuracy of MINA mood.


The project is centered around Himalayan birch trees, with 60 trees on the terrace and in the garden. Constructional elements draw attention to the trees and their shadows.

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