Mina is 100% stainless steel.

The best choice for our faucets: bathroom and kitchen taps moreover custom-made products.


The idea arises in MINA, here it is developed,

analysed and implemented following all the stages of production.

Then it is offered to the market,

with the understanding that we have done a good job and the desire to start a new one.



a new version of stainless steel for MINA taps

Literally Stainless Steel baked in an oven.

Not another material, not an applied paint or coating that could be ruined by cleaning. Nothing but steel that reacts naturally to heat and becomes coloured.

Already available for all catalogue collections, and also available for made-to-measure articles.


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Elegance and style for the contemporary bathroom:

here is the new project of Simona B-HOME

find out about IDEABOOK

a collection of IDEAS 

as a source of inspiration

#INOX: new BATHROOM and KITCHEN catalogues

#INOX Bathroom catalog

#INOX Kitchen catalog

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